Completely stonewalled, no current advice applies

My camera has full permissions, my powered hub has worked and my direct usb has adequate power.

i have used usb3 ports direct and via a hub (including a misuse of a charging port of which my pop was directly plugged into, until i corrected the mistake)

green light is on, every time. the device worked ONLY ONCE and i managed to get some decent works done; no scans were completed because of the long slow process i am going through.

i have reinstalled several times and updated to current release.

again, power is consistent, light is green.

device detected (all three screens are grey, not even black) click new scan, device not detected/connected, please plug in.

did a clean install on the laptop i purposely got for the pop.

disc installed perfectly, scan run perfectly. i will bypass use on my pc.

all issues resolved.