CNC controlled POP2 scan w 3 dimensional fixture

Special thanks to MoussArena for his DIY Slider instructions.

Here I am trying out a 3 dimensional scanning fixture to be able to scan both sides of an object in one scan by a CNC machine.

Here is the gcode the CNC controller is running;
G01 Y380 Z-29 F3000
G4 P1
M3 S10000
G4 P1.5
M5 S0
G4 P1
G01 X310 F300
G01 Y670 Z25 F300
G01 X0 F300
M3 S10000
G4 P0.5
M5 S0
G4 P1

Y is the vertical slider
Z is the tilt of the POP2
X is the turntable
Y is calibrated for 1950mm height,
Z is calibrated for 1mm per degree, ie, -29 is 29 degrees negative.
X is calibrated 360mm to a complete turn

With the 3 dimensional fixture I limited the X axis travel to 310 degrees, so the vertical 2020 pole does not block the camera.

The gcode;
M3 S10000
G4 P1.5
M5 S0
is starting the scan by operating a relay wired to the spindle connections of the CNC controller, the relay in turn operates one button on a wireless mouse which is programmed to press “Space” bar on the RevoScan program
For whatever reason it required 1.5 seconds of “Space” bar to start, and only .5 seconds to stop.


@Miamijerry , wow Gerald you are a genius ! plus your scanned object was not that easy to scan due to low features on top .
That is what I do mostly of the time moving my Desktop Arm manually if I want to capture things all at one session .

:+1: :+1: :+1:

Did you tried with full body yet ? from what I see here, it has a huge potential .

Only a self Headshot"

By the same CNC controlled machine


Well you are on good start ! I assume it is hard on automatic / steady position capturing the whole body because you need to move POP2 forward and back because of the arms/torso relation to the head . However I am 100 % sure you would get excellent results just with head/face mode with much sharper details .
Looking forward to see more scans
heads down for the great design :+1:

Impressive results. What percentage of the Bill of Materials is off-the-shelf?

Well everything starts off some shelf, but more then 50% of this project required fabrication/modification. My son has stated that I modify everything…


Yes this system is capable and first designed for the whole human body :slight_smile:

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Well, I can’t build it for myself , so until my knee and back don’t crack on some point I am able to do it manually :wink:
I may thinking about the simple slider at least , however my electronic skills ending with building a PC and that is. What you guys doing is beyond my expertise.

My analog solution to this is a boom mic stand like this one:

and an adapter.

I get well over 9’/274cm travel vertical and 24"/60cm horizontally. It also helps with scanning on the turntable. I added a ringlight and flex mount at the end for better adjustment.

This build is awesome! That turntable is giving me maker-chills. I’ll be messing around with an IR invisible iron maiden turntable build now…

Love seeing what this community is tinkering on all across the world!

edit: not affiliate links, just examples of what I have

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