Choose the correct answer!

Which answer do you think it is? :thinking:

This can better assist you in choosing your exposure settings.

The most reflecting order will be
A : White-Red-Black
The less reflecting will be
B: Black-Red-White

Remember that red color in the eye of Depth sensor is nothing more but middle gray , meaning it is exactly in the meadow between white to black .

Black or Red colors really don’t matters in absorbing of Infrared , infrared is invisible light wave , since you can scan well black cotton without issue as good as white cotton. But that would be not the same with light or dark skin , because dark skin has more melanin and will reflect less infrared than light skin due to absorption .
Same goes for light vs dark plastic , light or dark silicone etc…

It is about materials that absorbing light in general infrared light , material that uses petroleum like black plastic or nylon , it also include high IOR dark materials like silicone , rubber , resin etc …
Black T-shirt made from cotton will not makes you more hotter in the sun than white cotton T-shirt , since they don’t absorbing infrared light , but once the black T-Shirt have synetic blend it will automatic absorb more infrared making you feel hotter.

So don’t guide yourself by color but by material the object is made of , as that is the correct answer.

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