Any hairspray to block(reflect) IR?

Greetings Masters

So yesterday I was scanning with one of my Infrared scanners, a human model with dark hair and having a hard time capturing the said hair. That got me thinking…

Do You Masters know of any hairspray safe product that blocks (reflects back) the infrared spectrum?

I know recently Aesub came up with a sublimation transparent spray (for IR scanners) that can reveal hard to capture surfaces without affecting the texture capture.

So i was wondering if You Masters use or know of any that would work for hair

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Some of these materials might be the (in) solution

Materials used in transparent coatings that are safe for human skin and hair typically include certain metal oxides, dielectric materials, and nanomaterials. Here are a few examples:

  1. Zinc Oxide (ZnO): ZnO is often used in sunscreens and skincare products because it provides effective UV protection while being gentle on the skin. It can also be engineered to have IR reflectance properties.

  2. Titanium Dioxide (TiO2): Similar to ZnO, TiO2 is used in sunscreens and cosmetics for its UV-blocking properties. It can also be incorporated into coatings to achieve IR reflectance.

  3. Silicon Dioxide (SiO2): SiO2 is a common component of many cosmetic and skincare products. It can be used in coatings for its transparency and safety.

  4. Gold Nanoparticles: Gold nanoparticles are sometimes used in skincare products for their potential anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. They can also be engineered to interact with IR radiation.

  5. Silver Nanoparticles (with Caution): While silver nanoparticles have been used in various applications, including some skincare products, there is ongoing research into their safety due to concerns about potential toxicity.

It’s important to emphasize that any material used in products applied to the skin or hair should go through rigorous safety testing to ensure they do not cause adverse reactions or health issues. Before using any product, especially those with specialized coatings, it’s recommended to consult with dermatologists or medical professionals to ensure safety.


Hi! You should give a dry shampoo spray a try! or baby powder, which needs for more cleaning afterwards.

Yes those work and i have used it, and personally i recommend using corn starch instead since it is safe for the airways unlike talc powder.

But then you cannot capture texture.

What i’m looking for is a solution that can be used without the need for the model to take a bath after :wink:

I see! There is this new spray: Aesub transparent

but reading safety data sheet (
I don’t know if you still would use it on people/peoples hair. :thinking:

Dry shampoo for hair , this is only option , you just comb it out after or use towel to remove it without the need for washing … that what I use in most cases .
You don’t need to use a lot , just dust it a little bit and use automatic exposure settings .

No @ivan you don’t use this stuff on humans , very bad for you and your hair .

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Your question was about a product that don’t need to be washed off , there is no other product save for hair that can be brushed out without the need to take a shower …

All other products need to be washed off .

Regarding the reflective paint , it may scatter the projector pattern in different directions creating micro noises , you need a solid surface that reflect infrared light undisturbed ( not scattered )

Also reflective sprays reflecting at once from one angle so the edges that are in a different position maybe be less reflective .
The best surface is simply matte light gray surface for close up objects, and matte white for far objects . This 2 colors reflecting best infrared .

But be my guest if you have a lot of time on your hand why not …

But I would prefer you first test it out before posting as it may mislead users .

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Very dark hair don’t want to scan because black hair absorb infrared , hair in general is not a volume , so the best is to put some hair spray and comb the hair so it clumping into volume then slightly dry shampoo and you good to go .

I am actually preparing a new products for scanning , this will also include 3D liquid for scanning black hair , other for scanning electronics and small elements like jewelry, dental etc …

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