Car bodywork scans

Having been inspired by some of the car bodywork scans I’ve seen on here I thought I’d share my scan of a window moulding for my kit car. I made a small splash moulding from the mould so I can design a rear window frame with integral led strip, 3D print and then skin in carbon fibre. The car is a Hensen M30 that I am building/restoring and hope to fully scan the car once done. Home made markers are used on this one.
If anyone wants to follow my progress I post a lot on Instagram



@SkinnyBob Not to disrespect your intentions but that piece with the markers should be quite easy to model “by hand” in any cad sw. So why do you want to scan it?

There are some subtle curves around the top that would be difficult for me to measure.

Okey! Best of luck with your scans!

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