Trying to recover data from handylookdata directory

I am having trouble with an under-powered pc I used for a scan a scultpure I had access to during a brief period of time. It was able to scan, but when it came to proccesing the point clouds (Fuse point cloud inmediately), it didn’t freeze, but got stuck indefinitely at about 63%. Even so, I had it running unattended around 12 hours and was interrupted abruptly by a treacherous Windows Update. The data is valuable for me, so I am trying to recover it.
Searching for the data, there is a folder model-2022-10-15-11-02-34 in handylookdata\project
I have copied the contents (7.4 Gb) of the folder model-2022-10-15-11-02-34 and a file called project.ini to an external drive, so I can process the scan data in a more powerful machine. I import the scan into RevoScan, but I get the message “Proyecto vacío” (Empty project)

That message confuses me, because in scan browse directory the project is listed, even with a correct miniature image, but can’t do anything with it.

Has someone else come across with this problem?
Is there a workaround for it?

I reported a variation of this bug a couple months ago. When I upgrade Revo Scan, it can no longer load (or even see) projects created under previous versions.

There is a new version due ‘early’ this week. We shall see if that bug has been resolved.