Activate problem revo Studio

When I fill in the CD key supplied with in .txt file I receive the message cdkeylength incorrect code -902
I have repeated this several times to make sure not to have too much characters. but it does not work.

In 3 hours @Revopoint-Cassie should be here , maybe she sees it to help you out as she is the one that shares the CDKeys

Hi @3Dpaultje ,

Sorry for the inconvenience caused.

I will send you another CDKey to try it again. Please check your private message. Thank you.

Best Regards

If you still have a problem with entering the CD key, it may be that the software tool you are using to copy and paste is adding extra characters (say, non-printing control characters for the font or formatting).

Copy the key and Paste as Text into whichever word processor you are using, then make sure there are no non-printing character at the beginning or end of the key before you copy this pasted text and transfer it to Revo Studio.