Calibration process for POP 1

Does anyone know if the POP 1 can be calibrated and if so, what is the process? I have downloaded the calibration program and tried it out. It recognizes the camera after several tries but when I go to connect it it freezes up. Found out later on that this program is for the POP 2 only and weird that it tried to connect and recognized the camera originally. Just bought this on Ebay and disappointed that I am having issues with it as in the scans are not coming out as good as possible. Any suggestions? And also anyone know of any tutorials on hw to use the meshing, denoise, etc on the revo studio? I’m not new to 3D printing but am new to the scanning aspect of it. Thanks in advance, Nick

@nitecap No you can’t , it’s only for POP2

You need to know a little bit about 3D modeling to better understand what to do in Revo Studio for best results , if you choice too higher value for meshing of an object that don’t need it , you will end with a lot of noises , and denoiser will only smooth out your modem even more.

usually for regular models without much elements the meshing value in Revo Scan will be 3-4 and 2 denoiser , if you scan an complex mesh like face you want to use the meshing value of 6 with 3-4 denoiser in Revo Scan . In Revo Studio things working differently and the meshing values are much greater than in Revo Scan … for example in Revo Scan meshing value # 6 is 25 % lower than meshing value 7 in Revo Studio.
And to be honest you can’t just learn the number , as it all depends of the objects you are scanning , not all objects needs the same values , so you need to practice , trial and error to create your own workflow .
I have some little tips in my thread if you like to check in .
My 3D Showcase models-tips

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Thank you for your reply and for the link to your thread. I will definitely look at it and will look for any videos on 3D modeling. I recently got Z Brush and want to learn that. My goal is to make this a side hustle for myself to eventually become a full time hustle. Thank you again!

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I just recntly bought this POP 1 from Ebay and it was slightly used per the seller, but my scans aren’t coming out as good as I wished. It seems to work ok but after seeing the better scans you posted in your thread it looks like the POP 2 is my better option. Of course I need to learn more of how to use it and so on before anything else but I believe I forsee a POP 2 in my near future. What program do you recommend best for repairing some scans? I have Z Brush, Revo Studio and Meshmixer right now. I am eager to learn and any info you can share would be awesome. Have a good one!

I use blender which is a brilliant piece of software but it is not user friendly.

@nitecap I assume you even if you buy a $25K laser scanner you will still not have what you expected . POP 1 is great to practice on , but you can’t scan everything with it as the accuracy is limited so it will not pick up very small elements. I scanned humans very well with POP1 , it was just enough clean data for characters of course without color data . Or for objects that are more organic in form but that was for me .

You remember the first post in my thread ? the comparison between POP1 vs POP2 ? that is all

I must recommend for you Cloud Compare free software , fantastic in repairing for screwed and overlapped point clouds , I also use Zbrush since 1998 , and recently also Revo Studio but only if I have perfect point cloud , there is number 1 rule in 3D scanning , you can’t make your model better than your point cloud data , once you start processing the point cloud the data changing . So if you get a very good scan be careful with the processing . Denoiser are fine but you can very fast lose the details .
Cloud Compare have amazing 2 plugins , SOR and Noise filter , SOR filter cleaning any overlapped points that you could not fix in Revo Studio , it prepares the cloud to maximum , not need to be a specialist, it works straight with the automatic settings , the meshing is also so much better than Revo Studio at this moment , again Revo Studio is good if your point cloud data is clean , I am talking about screwed point clouds . You need to try it , there are plenty of videos about using this software , I learned the process in 20 min , very simple steps .

I would say practice with POP1 , I did before I got POP2 , POP2 can do everything that POP1 does plus extras since it has higher accuracy , making it very versatile . But it is not easier , more data, more issues . Also I preferred POP1 on my smartphone , it had quick and good base results ready for modeling quick assets but the colors data was on the lower side so just for references .

I think once you practice a lot you will sense what you can scan and how to approach each object as there is not a tutorial that would cover everything , impossible .

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Thank you for the info. Downloaded the Cloud Compare software and will mess around with it and look for videos online about it. Appreciate your help!

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Not currently, but Cassie has stated that this will be added in the future (no idea when).