Calibration POP 3

Hello, I calibrated my POP 3, it seems to me that it works better, without loss. The question of whether it makes sense to carry out calibration periodically depends on my skill, the quality of the calibration, or is it enough just to follow the instructions. I remember a long time ago with the calibration MINI gave out accuracy numbers, from the factory it was much better than what I did with my hands and that’s why I didn’t touch it.

Hi Alex

that why you need to make a test first , calibrate over time of period ( couple of months ) if you use it often , calibrate if you dropped or shacked it by accident or something bumped into it .

The calibration is digital , it cant adjust the position of the sensors physically , it adjusting only parameters and don’t have to be performed each time you use a scanner as other companies do with their scanners … once every 3-4 months is enough to ensure it scanning at its full capacity .

The results numbers did not means much in preview calibrating software , scanners with 0.09000 or 0.02000 scanned optimal regardless, it made other feels like their scanner was less good than others , false negative for that reason it was removed .
With the new calibration you cant get it wrong , if you do it will not update the scanner .