My POP3 requires freqent calibration

I have been using with my POP3 for about 2 months and the volume accuracy is found to be satisfactory in general. However, that’s on condition that the scanner is calibrated before use.

The other day I scanned my bandsaw and stopped in the middle for a few days before resuming. It was found that the new scans could not be merged with the previous ones perfectly resulting in rough surfaces in overlapping areas. The reason is the models from the new scans are a bit bigger in all dimensions. I tried re-scanning more carefully but got the same result. The problem was finally resolved by re-calibrating the scanner.

Today, I scanned an object 530 mm in length and was surprised to find that the error is as much as 1 mm. Re-calibration brought it back to the normal value of 0.2 mm so the difference is quite large. The previous calibration was done just a few days ago and in the checking step of this calibration, Revo Scan said that the accuracy was OK but I proceeded to re-calibrate it anyway.

That left me wonder what caused the reduction in accuracy, is it temperature or displacement of internal components when the scanner is moved around ? From now on, I will re-calibrate it before every use unless there is a way to avoid it.

The only issue can be if you bump on something by accident, but if not and things happening , it maybe be that the sensor is not secured probably or some screw may be lose hold it . Since you experience some scale issue for some time , this may explain .

I would recommend you write to including link to this thread . This is not normal behavior , the time between calibration should be much longer , months or longer and not before each usage .

Remember projects that was done using preview calibration can’t be resumed so try to run whole session if you want to merge , recalibration will change the parameters so things may not fit between scans correctly when you try to merge .

If I know more about this issue I will let you know too , in mine time pls write to for technical assistance in this case .

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Hi @new23d

Please don’t worry, we will follow up on this issue to help you out. Can you send me the SN code of your device?

Hi, the S/N of my POP3 is A239-0790-2C6H00A85

Got it, thank you! Can you also tell me your e-mail? I’ll have customer service contact you to follow up on this.