Cache & data saved to new folder for each scan & use of export

Each scan creates a folder with a cache and scan sub folders.
This creates a lot of useless files for the user with no fused files contained in the event the scan is aborted.

I would like to suggest that the cache and scan sub folders go into some temporary folder and only scans that are saved “exported” are saved.

I would personally prefer not to have the fuse file saved automatically and it be the responsibility of the user to save “EXPORT” the scan once they want to keep it.
Based on the above I would also suggest renaming “Export” to save as this is the language that almost all software uses and is more user-friendly.

That’s not how things working in the program , all savings are happening automatic as it allows you to reopen each project , you are responsible to clean each session before you quit the program .

Again , that is not the process the software is working , you can’t keep the fuse unsaved as that would not allows you to mesh the object , for that reason each steps you do in Revo Scan have to be saved automatic before another step can be complete .

You are not saving anything , you Exporting what is already saved , for that reason it is called Export and not “Save”

To a degree I understand what you’re saying.
What I’m trying to say is in relation to file/folder creation could there be a cleaner or better optimised way to allow the software to move from one step to the next.

For example project name,
Could this not be done at the point of user savings/ export? If I want to scan a a headlight and my first 2 scans aren’t great and each time I decide to restart, I’ll have probably created a headlight folder, and a headlight 2 holder and before I get my first usable scan in this scenario I’m on headlight 3.

This process creates countless folders for each scan and when I go looking for files there are many folders containing no PLY file only a data and cache sub folder.

To me it would seem much cleaner if the cache and data file and the containing project folder were temporary data held for the operation flow of the scan process and then when the user is happy with their scan they save /export the mesh and set the file and folder name.

With the current structure I have learned that I don’t need to save scans myself because I click the stop(square) button and of fuse is selected the file is then saved.

To give you a real world example of this last night I was scanning a headlight from a car. I have a 2 top scans, 3 bottom scans and 1 side scan that I wanted to keep to later align and build out the mesh. However when the time came to align the 6 meshes I had 17 headlight folders to look through.

I appreciate this is currently a feature and not a bug but could do with a review on the user experience side to as a potential quality of life improvement

What you don’t understand ? The way I am talking or the way the software is working ?
You can’t request a change to the whole software just because it don’t match your workflow , the secret is to find your own workflow around as many thousand users do in place to adjust a software to each person .
It happens before with the mobile app and now you can’t export projects to other computers for future workflows .

You see many of us scanning our objects underway , since the devices are portable , and we need the project files to be fused/ meshed on our workstations in our studios , that why we need the project folders to be the way it is with all data intact , unfinished, infused, and not meshed , so you see the way you like it is not my or many others way .

I don’t have the time when I am underway to sit and waiting for each process on my laptop pc or tablet . I want to scan and move forward and finish my work in studio after . That why the software is designed this way , for portable devices and not for stationery scanners .

You should export each scan that you need for your merging with the proper name and not shuffle blindly your project folders , who do that ? I don’t believe you do either but you try to use it as argument , well are you sure that the given name of your project will be successful scan session ? You don’t know that , so you still may use 10 names and still don’t know what scan to merge after all.

Just export each fused cloud point you like while scanning to your merging folder and problem solved the easy way .

If you looking for folders just look at the model list in Revo Scan then you see what folder have fused files and what folder is empty , you can easy clean them all out with one click .

You learned it from my reply because you don’t know that before you asked . Well you need to fuse the point cloud for it to be saved and be usable in merging of your object , unmerged point clouds are not usable in merging not they can be exported .

But you can also batch process the files after and much faster than via Revo Scan , just under the Model List

Anyway , I suggest you create your own workflow the way you like it most in place of changing the software to do that for you , as I said before many of us like this way and limiting the software would be a huge mistake and it would not make it portable anymore .

Just as the mobile software works at this moment thanks to users that wanted it the easy way because it took so much space , so they made the session virtual …

So my vote for it is NO , that are no improvements and it would render Revo Scan totally not usable in my scenario and many others. Not everyone sit at home scanning after all.

You bring up some very interesting points namely in regards to the requirements in regards to being able to bring the scanner mobile and transfer the data from one device from one device to another.

So this actually makes perfect sense.

A follow up question what was the original destination of the file saves?

Original destination of the files ? I am not 100% sure what you asking about .

I save all my scanning sessions directly on portable USB device so I can move my sessions from one computer to another if I need .
You can choice your location before scanning .

Are you asking about the original location where the program saves your project files ? You can see the location when you start new scanning session , in Windows it is under User folder .