Revo Scan version: V.

Running on Windows 10

  1. Indicate fuse spacing on Properties and when opening project for editing. The spacing indicated for the latter is NOT the last/existing fuse value. (If you just want to check if your project is at the correct distance, no way to do this)

  2. Need a Menu on Home page, including Defaults (data directory). Separate Properties Menu item, should be on first page.

  3. Default directory not working at startup or for saves.

  4. Make it easier to import multiple files to merge, perhaps by making it easy to drag from Home page list.

  5. Be able to open multiple projects on Home page

  6. I REALLY dislike the way folders tend to end up in recycling. There should be a Remove option in addition to the Delete option on the Home page. The Home list tends to get clogged with files and it would be helpful to be able to simply remove, rather than delete, the unwanted files. Furthermore, delete deletes the entire folder, not just the project. Very poor design.

  7. When creating Fuse files, give them a name related to the project. It is difficult to merge a large number of files all named “Fuse” if you are seeking out the best scans for alignment.

  8. Better batch processing - importing .revo files to Home, importing into Merge. Also batch creation of Fused and Merge files.

  9. Import Batch option seems not to work

  10. No New User Manual

  11. When creating a new project, should give an initial choice to name it, rather than having to rename it. And the rename should change the file name rather than just the alias.

  12. Need a Cancel button for several processes (Fuse,Edit,Merge)

  13. Are the component fused images of an alignment supposed to be in different colors? If so, they are not. This would be a useful feature.

  14. Need non-shiny display option with choice of color. Existing is fine if you are just scanning your kid’s toys, but if you want to see fine details in scan, the existing display is useless.

  15. Option to remove projects from the Select menu under Merge. I realize you can turn them on and off, but removing unneeded scans would prevent confusion.

  16. If there is an error in Merge, the message pops up for only a few seconds. If you have left it running or your attention is elsewhere, you are out of luck. Make it persistent.