Any Tips on Re-Opening after Calibration?

Last Night I finished (Well almost) a complete scan of a Race Prepped Headlight Assembly.
With this Mini this took nearly 4hrs between each Fusion and missing area rescan.

Well, I thought I exported the Ply and STL correctly before closing the RevoScan application, but apparently these were just empty 0.00kb files. I noticed some heavy grain texture on the finish mesh so I thought I would run a calibration.

It wasn’t until after this I realized that my file exports failed to export properly. Thought no big deal, I will reexport from the model list. Still 0.00 KB empty files are created. I can view in the options and this appears fine. I then attempted to reopen the project.

And to my surprise, Prompted:
“Project Created with different Scanner or Calibration file, unable to open”

Great… Maybe a fair warning to anyone to make sure you can open your export before recalibration.

Sam , you have always a copy of the scan file under Revo Scan/ project folder on your computer , they are in .ply format , import the fuse.ply directly from the project folder to Revo Studio mesh it there and export .
I would not recommend to export files in STL from Revo Scan , use ply or obj as that files include the same data .
You can export the STL later from Revo Studio .

When you calibrate , the reopening is not more possible as it will never match the scanner before calibration .
It also works only if you want to continue scanning .
So better export the fuse.ply to Revo Studio as that is the same function that reopening your project , the same files will be loaded and nothing else .

I hope this helps

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Thank you.
So the export of Ply is basically a Save AS if the Ply already exists?

Just to be clear, since the Software sees this as a New scanner basically… this project is done and if I need to fill a missing area this will need to be an aligned ply rescan in post correct?

Thank you for the reply.

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Yes that is correct , if there is something missing you can rescan that area and merge in Revo Studio both of them to save time.

The project is already final , but the scanned files can be still used and even the meshed files , so just check the Program Files/Revo Scan/ project folder for the copies .
I hope you are on Windows

When you are scanning a copy of the data is already saved to your original project folder , even if you fused or meshed the copies are always saved there for late usage , no matter you exported it from Revo Scan or not .

Point cloud : fuse.ply
Meshed : fuse_mesh.ply
Point cloud color : fuse_RGB.ply
Meshed Color : fuse_meshed_RGB.ply

I hope it helps

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Thank you.

Full disclaimer, I liked the fusions and Mesh output from the Scan software vs Studio.
Even with a decent workflow of Duplicate overlap removal, Meshing and Smoothing…

0.02 Fusion with Mesh 6-7/3-5 Denoise in Studio didn’t seem to mirror the 0.02 6/3 from Scan.

Meshlab and CC is what I use outside of RevoScan. But I will look into this further.

Sam Lilly

That’s correct , the settings are not exactly the same or the results , the meshing at 6 in Revo Scan , corresponds more of meshing at 5 in Revo Studio .

Try to mesh the untouched fused.ply project files in Revo Studio , I mean raw files
Without cleaning it and meshing at level 5 and see how it works . Close the holes after meshing if needed .

I don’t know why , but when using the fuse.ply files from the project folder directly and meshing it raw, it produces better meshing than after cleaning it … no explanation why it is happening.

I usually clean the files in CC anyway if I have too , much faster job .

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