Browser based Dual Axis Turntable Controller

@SphaeroX and I are working on a WEB GUI to Control the DAT.
I Published the newest version on GitHub

the Step System will be renewed soon.
Text me if you have any issues.


Link to App (works on pc and MobileDevice)

best usecase with chrome browser :wink:

And try the “Start Cyle” Mode :+1:

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Good job guys , I have problem with the last section , it did not wanted to move step back, it only moved step forward , then it starting steps without stopping and can’t stop it until plug it off from power

the only issue , very nice feature btw but buttons responding funky on the last section .

Screenshot 2022-10-05 213706

the last section is still being revised, the function was written before we had the opportunity to read the current position.


@PopUpTheVolume I will renew this function in the next few days


@SphaeroX has updated the Step Function, the new Version can be found on our GitHub.

Short Question to everyone.
If you use the pause function of the Step Function and you want to go back 2 steps, what did you more prefer a resume from the last position (2 steps forward) or a resume from the actual position?

In the Future, this script should work with Photogrammetry, I develop a PCB to trigger the Camera over Bluetooth and will publish the Blueprint later on GitHub.


Quick it possible to control the S1 the same way? The controlstick is very flimsy and could allow for some great full scans changing the angle of the S1 and angle of the turntable. This was made of a 30 Cm statue in one scan using the 2 in conjunction (the S1 has legs from an Osmo Mobile to act as motor controlled tripod)

if you mean the Stabilizer with S1 at the moment we have no Control Commands.
We have to wait for the next Software update.