Broke a Mount Item - Which Kit Replaces it?

I can’t get this unscrewed again because I accidentally tightened it too far. I don’t see it in my quick start guide, so I don’t know what kit it belongs to. I really liked it for being able to have the tripod, angle mount, light, and power supply all screwed together. Is this part of the tripod kit? It doesn’t look like it is based on the picture on Amazon of the inside of the replacement kit box. It doesn’t look like I can buy it separately. Where do I get it?

This one was part of the LED light , I purchased full bag on Amazon also , very handy.
This kind of Hot Shoe Adapters are very sensitive and can’t be tightened too far , the material is too soft .

Remember this is for regular hot shoe size , tripod, DSLR …

Thank you so much! I have a feeling I’ll be messing it up again so it’s good to get four and not have to buy a whole new LED kit just for that!