Blue light wavelength/eye protection with MINI?

Hi, I hope this is the place to ask and I haven’t missed it already being answered, but I’ve noticed that my eyes really don’t like the blue light that’s used in the Mini (I think it’s a combination of the light and the movement), and I wondered if anyone knows the wavelength of the light used, or has any suggestions for eye protection standards I could use to find something that’ll just take the edge off a little bit.


Eye protwction not really needed because it is still eye safe class. But any yellowish/orange colored glasses should block fair amount of disturbing light.


Class 1 Laser , do not damage your eyes however the blinking my affect some people,. There is nothing you can do about the blinking beside avoid contact with your eyes if that makes you uncomfortable.

Search for Blue blockers on eBay and the like… Only cheap, but would make it better for those who find it uncomfortable

Blue light does bother me when scanning for longer time. Putting these glasses I got with my laserpecker 2 pro laser (450nm) blocks all the blue light.


Ivan do you still see the blinking while wearing the glasses ? Or it got reduced also ?

Practically completely gone. No blinking

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Thank you! I was really hoping there was something out that would do exactly this. :smiley:

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And I doubt those have to be laser glasses but rather dark/opaque tinted orange/yellow glases.

Thank you again for the information, I found some cheap “laser” glasses on eBay thinking it was worth a try and they arrived today. They’re a bit more red than yours, but otherwise look the same.

I wouldn’t trust them with actual lasers, but they completely block the blue light (no flickering or anything like that) which makes scanning with the Mini much more comfortable for me!


Cool! I am happy it works for you, too! I also have a red tinted glasses which also seem to block even a little bit more of blue light, like 100% and the orange ones about 98% IMO.
Happy scanning!

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