Black screen in Revo Scan 5 - RTX

I have the same issue with RTX4090, did you really fix that?

No issue with another pc with rxt3080 same driver

The upgrades are no more supported for Revo Studio or RS4.3.1 , if it works with the same driver then nothing can be done on REVOPOINT side anyway . Make sure you run the program on the proper GPU or try to switch to Studio driver as usually it always works with RTX4090 in this case .

Black screen means Revo Studio has no access to OpenGL on your system

I never said i use RS4 or revostudio,it’s V5 same issue with studio driver .i have no iGPU only RTX4090

I moved your request to Customer Service , maybe they have idea what is going on in your system and have solution .

@Revopoint3D-Gena or @Revopoint-Agnes will check on you later tonight when they are back in the office

@sylus28 Hi there, do you have time for an online meeting? please email customer@revopoint tag this forum link, we will help to solve this issue, don’t worry.

no other solution than revert to 4x version
new 5.1.0 no fixed the issue

Hi @sylus28 did you had meeting with the customer service by emailing to ?

Just for the info :
Some RTX4090 require firmware updates and lots of them experience issue , many users reported issues with this specific card so it was up to Nvidia to fix it on their behalf.
Other users from our community used older drivers to get over the display issues with OpenGL .
You should make an appointment with Revo team to help you out with this issue here .


Please make meeting appointment via for future support . including link to this thread and your forum ID .

Hi @sylus28 ,

I have discussed the matter with our customer service team, and they need your assistance in arranging an online meeting with our development team.

Would you be so kind as to send an email to, specifying a convenient time for the meeting? Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

Best Regards

I had already an appointment from 2 weeks ago,the only solution was to use 4.x version without material acceleration.
No solution for 5.x was proposed

V5.2.1 not fixe the issue

Go to the proportions and set acceleration off . This function is already added to the latest version .

Not fix even unselect GPU acceleration after restart
Grey screen without cloud point

@Revopoint-Agnes will check on this issue tomorrow evening and let you know.

@PUTV Thanks, please kindly let me know, and I will follow this case in Formu.

Hi Mia , please read the thread and follow up with @sylus28 regarding this issue .

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