Annoying Pop ups

Hi Revoscan,

for me your homepage is very annoying with popups and the bot.
The last pop up - the one with the user experience query - covered the whole view and I couldn’t even close the pop up. So I had to leave the page. Fortunetally it didn’t pop up next time. This happens before.

Reducing popups would be welcome or could please at least add a close button to the right upper corner of the pop up?

Thank you


I can’t say about the Revoscan page in particular, but completely agree with this request to ALL web page designers! There is nothing more annoying than going to a manufacturer’s page seeking information and to find yourself immediately accosted by THEIR request for information. I usually give up on a company like that within five seconds!

The popup offering a free gift is interesting, but it doesn’t say what the items to choose from actually are, except for one of them which is for a different product than what I have.

I have forwarded this to our team and see if we can improve the browsing experience.