Additional keyboard shortcuts for the camera orientation

I suggest integrating additional keyboard shortcuts for the camera orientation within the software. Specifically, incorporating the ‘W, A, S, D, Q, E’ keys for rotating the model left, right, up, down, zoom out and zoom in centered on the current point of focus. This feature would be particularly beneficial when using the selection tool.

Currently, users have to deselect the selection tool to reorient the 3D model, which is time-consuming. By allowing model rotation without needing to exit the selection tool, the workflow would be more seamless and efficient, significantly improving user experience in model handling.

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The best I think a function like slicer you leave the model and he found the right placement orizontal… for basrelief or orientation for three point I will be fantastic… you chose three point onto srf and the model goes into that plane… hope into next upgrade…

What I meant was that you can change the camera perspective, not the part itself. I have corrected it

That is not exactly true, you can rotate the model while using the selection tools …

If i click to rotate its starts to select

Please hold CTRL for rotation or Shift to drag your model while you use Selection Tools

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u should do a video “tipps and tricks” with such things (also frame editing), thanks.

But shortcuts while still being practical, on Press, 10° :blush:

A tutorial about frame editing would be very useful, indeed. I tried it out several times but in fact I didn’t know actually what I was doing, how to find bad frames (especially if they are only slightly misplaced), how to reduce overscanned areas and so on…