6 meses intentando scaner un busto imposible el pelo negro

6 meses intentando scaner un busto fue imposible scanear el pelo negro. Me puse en contacto con Revopoint y me cambiaron el Pop v2. El segundo este escanea mejor aunque suele escanear dos caras o tres y las montan en diferente zonas de la cabeza, no es capaz de enlazar las cabezas en su lugar, no he logrado escanear el pelo, cambie todos los parámetros, puse dos luces frontal, todo ha sido imposible. ¿Alguien podría indícame como escanear el pelo?. Trabajon con Mac book pro y Android. Tengo una plataforma que gira.
6 months trying to scan a bust it was impossible to scan the black hair. I contacted Revopoint and they changed the Pop v2. The second one scans better although it usually scans two or three faces and mounts them in different areas of the head, it is not able to link the heads in place, I have not been able to scan the hair, I changed all the parameters, I put two front lights, everything has been impossible. Could someone tell me how to scan the hair? They work with Mac book pro and Android. I have a platform that rotates.

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For scanning dark hair, you have two ways to proceed:

A1) Scan the face as usual, including the hairline.
A2) Pause and change the Brightness setting all or most of the way to the right.
A3) Scan the hairline, including only a small portion of the face (just enough to assist in alignment) and proceed to scanning the rest of the hair.

B1) Scan the face as usual, including the hairline.
B2) Finish this scan and return to the Preview window to prepare another scan.
B3) Prepare the hair with Dry Shampoo, Baby Powder, Talcum Powder, etc.
B4) Select Dark mode and adjust the Brightness as necessary.
B5) Align the two scans in Revo Studio.