3rd party turntable support

Had the POP2, now trying with my new Range:
Having difficulties to get a small shiney microphone scanned, using my Edelkrone turntable with a lid with markers.
Tried various scanning versions but the scanner looses track, and the model comes out garbled.
I thought using the markers on the plate will give the scanner enough data to know where it is (I wouldn’t want to use dry shampoo on a delicate object like this…)?
Is the scan being done with the ‘attached turntable’-official done with different parameters?
Is it possible to tell the software this is a turntable scan without using the official turntable accessory?

Hi @AVsupport you can use whatever turntable you want , I use also different kind of turntables .

First error , you are scanning background , this is a no no , you have a range settings to reduce the scanning range to get rid of the background or you going to lose tracking .

Range is used to scan big objects for best results , this job should be done using POP2 , the elements are rather small for Range .

try again and setup the proper range eliminating any background or elements that do not moving together with your scanned object , set the exposure to auto


Thank you, will try that :wink:

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