3DVF.com - Showcase - Revopoint MINI 2 3D Scanner

Subject: coin
Size: less than 2.5cm/1 inch in diameter

An old coin with lots of very tiny details, an interesting benchmark!
I used scanning spray.

Screenshots done in ZBrush (the default matcap reveals more surface details than Revo Scan or Meshlab).
Attempt one: continuous mode, objects around the subject to improve tracking.

Not bad, but let’s follow @PUTV 's technique and use single shot mode.
On the first attempt I shot the coin at about 45° (turntable at the slowest speed, one shot about every 5 seconds, which gave me 25 frames), on the second attempt I did two passes at different angles and waited 2 or 3 more seconds between shots (33 frames).
The end result was similar in both cases. I got a bit more noise, but also finer, crisper details than with continuous mode:

I think there is room for improvement. One of the most obvious ideas is to replace the AESUB Orange scanning spray I’ve been using with something like corn/rice starch mixed with denaturated alcohol. This should create a thinner coating on the coin. The tricky part is to find the right mixing ratio and to apply it evenly. I’ll try using a spray bottle and I’ll share my results.

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