Jermaul's - INSPIRE 3D Scanner Showcase

Introducing the Revopoint Inspire 3D Scanner

Learn more about INSPIRE: Revopoint INSPIRE: User-friendly Cost-effective 3D Scanner for 3D Prin

The Unboxing

Small box that holds greatness.

Upon opening there is the standard set of goodies

Scanner, Cables, Turntable, tripod markers etc…
BUT WAIT!!! There is more.

This Magic Mat

It is a decent size and a real game changer for marker mode, very portable also.

On to the scanner. It is small light weight and very easy to transport.

Its usb type c. So one cable to rule them all.

So I got inspired (pun intended)

Scanned a birthday cupcake

Lovely scan, it came out great.

But my inspiration did not stop there.
Loaded it into my 3d slicer for 3d printing.

3d painted it for a colored paint and scaled it down.

The prints came out great look at that frost… i mean pla filament lol.

So what do you do with tiny little cupcakes??? :thinking:


You make earrings :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes:

This came out super great and my wife loves them and has gotten a ton of compliments on them.

Now lets try out this Magic Mat
Its tall, shinny and symmetrical.

Links Master Sword

Came out great. no problems with tracking

Motor mount scan

The top part number is very readable.

Small Pirate treasure chest

Get Inspired to do greatness. Get your scanner here


The earrings are too cute :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Some wall art.

It was a bit shinny but it scanned wonderfully and very nice textures.


You know what I found yesterday Jermaul? If you add additional LED light on the left side of the RGB camera, the colors will pop up as the original , use together with the INSPIRE LED and set the RGB Exposure to manual to around 10 …

The color rendition will be as original …
Just a tip … to try out

I believe the single LED is only good for close up small scans … it needs extra light support .


Ill try that out when i get back home.
I was using around 50 to 60% exposure

I think the single LED don’t makes the colors brilliant , I used the Revopoint LED …it changed the game so this means the RGB camera is actually great !
Check my fruit basket unedited in my showcase vs my vegetable basket … I was shocked :astonished:


Makes sense, if the camera does have enough light it will struggle to produce good images and will get noisy

As always You can inspect the images with the Flayer. :wink:


Inspire scan of a mostly black an a little dirty hat.

I am personally getting better at color scanning.


Dog watering bowl. It was very shinny



What kind of Led? how do you handle it?



Hi Frederic , just the same you can find in Revopoint Online Store , or Amazon , rechargeable LED
INSPIRE needs a slightly extra light for scanning better color , just put the light behind your scanner, on the left side of the RGB camera , one up and one below … nothing more nothing else , adjust your RGB exposure to proper level manually and ready to go .

If an apple a day keeps the doctor away.
Does a scan a day keep the scanner happy lol…

A few textured scans.


Hi Catharina, is this advice also valid for pop 2 for scanning better color ?
I use fixed lighting when I use the turntable, but it is not always suitable when I have to move around an art object or a person to be scanned.

If you attach the light on top and below RGB camera you going to have perfect results as with Inspire and POP3 , once the white balance is fixed to manual you should have no issues .
I was talking about in my Mini and PoP2 thread .
I got very good results using this setup with POP2 … will show you tomorrow the full setup .