3.3 How to select the correct Object Type?

3.3 Object Type

Select proper Object Type based on the object to be scanned.

3.3.1 General Object

This mode is used to scan most objects with distinct geometric features.

3.3.2 Dark Object

  1. This mode is used to scan objects with a black or dark surface, such as black or dark gray clothes, shoes, black boxes, etc.

  2. Obejcts with Black & Reflective Surfaces

    When scanning an object with a black reflective surface, the high-gloss surface needs to be treated first to make it a diffused so that the scanner can see it. When scanning, increase the explosure of the RGB camera and Depth cameras.

3.3.3 Face

Includes the face and neck.

3.3.4 Body

This encompasses the entire of the body, from the upper and lower regions to
the limbs and hair.(Apply dry shampoo to scan black hair)

3.3.5 Large Object

This mode is for scanning objects that are equal to or larger than the size of a human body. The objects’s main physical features and shapes are captured in this mode at a fast scanning speed.

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