3.1 Which Scan Accuracy is suitable for you?

3.1 Scan Accuracy

3.1.1 High Accuracy

  1. In High Accuracy mode, the post-processing time will be longer, but the results are more suitable for applications needing more detail.

  2. Object Type Support
    General Object, Dark Object, and Face (Refer to the Object Type)

  3. Advantages and Disadvantages

Advantages: High scanning accuracy, capture much more details of the object.

Disadvantages: A lower scanning frame rate, low scanning efficiency, the scanned model takes up a lot of memory, and post-processing takes a long time.

3.1.2 Standard Accuracy

  1. In Standard Accuracy mode, the model processing speed is faster and is suitable for general scanning applications.

  2. Object Type Support
    Human, Big Object (Refer to the Object Type section for more details )

  3. Advantages and Disadvantages

Advantages: High scanning frame rate, high scanning efficiency, occupy less memory with same data, shorter post-process time

Disadvantages: Lower accuracy.ii) Less details captured.

3.1.3 Accuracy Comparison

Check the details of the lower eyelids, mouth corners, hair temples, cochlea, etc. for comparison between High Accuracy and Standard Accuracy modes.

( Agrippa Bust scanned by a POP 3 3D scanner.)

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