3.2 Which Tracking Mode is the best choice?

3.2 Tracking Mode

3.2.1 Feature Tracking

  1. Use Feature Tracking for objects with detailed, distinct surface features and no repeating.

2) How does the Feature Tracking Work?
Feature tracking identifies and tracks an object’s distinctive surface features. It works by extracting feature points from the data, matching them across different viewpoints, calculating their relationships, and using this information to reconstruct a 3D model of the object.

3.2.2 Marker Tracking

  1. Marker Tracking requires marker stickers placed on or around the object.Use it for objects that have large flat areas with no distinct surfaces. At least 5 markers must be in view for each frame during scanning.

  2. What is a 3D Marker?
    3D Scanning Marker is a small sticker with an image of a black or white dots printedon it.

3)What’s the function of a marker point?
Markers points work as reference points for the 3D scanner to track, so it knows where the frames should be stitched.

How to place markers?

See examples below: