2500 frame count on iphone 12 max pro

I’ve been using my iphone to scan a car but it is maxed out at 2500 frames. Is this really a case of not enough memory (my phone had more than enough) or is this a limit that Revopoint have set for it??
I need to go as high as 15000 frames to get a good size scan.

This is all 2500 frame will give me…

(you will note that I do not use marker based scanning as it is not reliable so I use feature based tracking which is more consistent)

Paul Sparrow

Not enough ram.
The samsing fold 4 maxes out at 4000 frames.

What you have to do, is mesh the scan before that limit.
Then continue the scanning

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each 2500 frames , please fuse it and continue scanning , your phone will never be able to process or fuse 15000 frames from one session . That are 25 full body scans at once and no phone can process that in one run . It would be even an issue on a PC with 64GB to perform that task as the files will be enormous .

Remember that by each fusion after scanning 2500 frames , your RAM will decline slightly so not sure you will ever reach your goal .

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