0.02 standart vs 0.08 advance pitch

Hi there!, imreally new with mini an revo 5, a iam getting confused because because i am scanning small sculptures and i faced that the “advanced fusion” only handles 0.08 pitch, when the standars (an “less” accurate) has a smaller (and think better) pitch distance 0.02, can somebody explain that if my interpretation is correct?

The fusing settings at this level have not much to do with accuracy , the accuracy is created inside the scanner while scanning and here is just resolution settings .
You can just scan a coin and use Advanced mode at 0.2 …yes not 0.08 but 0.2 and still have perfect and better results than at 0.08

Advanced mode uses special algorithms to do all the work for you , Standard mode is raw mode with lots of trash data that need to be cleaned manually , it is used for other purposes .

Don’t focus on high settings , that is not how thing works , that include meshing … don’t use at max level as it will only induce artificial noises if you use higher settings than your grid settings .