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Hi, I got my Mini scanner and I have to say that I’m very, but very much content!!! :grinning:

However I got some issues regarding the accuracy of the STL files. Since I use the Mini mainly for scanning dental models and impressions, I would like to know how can I tweak the settings to give me the highest resolution and accuracy.

Dr. Avri

Hi @Avri

The higher resolution don’t means higher accuracy .
For the best accuracy scan your dental models at the distance of 10 cm from your object , I would measure it to be exact , scan only one 360 degrees rotation , if you need more angles scan it separately and merge layer in Revo Studio .
After scanning make sure that your pitch point fusing setting is at 0.02mm for best accuracy and meshing setting at minimal 6 .

If you use mobile app with your phone or tablet you will never reach the accuracy , you need to use computer to be able to reach the best settings .

Export your files to obj , you can convert later your files to STL when you have water tight object .

That’s the basic and it works since I do scan dental models and they are very accurate in my work as well .

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Thank you very much for your prompt answer.
I always use 0.02mm for fusing.
Regarding mesh setting, I went on value 1. Is that okay?

No, you need to get on value not lower than 5-6 or you going to lose details , level 6 will give you the best result in Revo Scan and level 5 in Revo Studio

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Thanks again, what about the denoise quality? the default is set on 3. Should I stick to it? Or get it lower?

It depends of the surface you get , usually with MINI you don’t get too many noises.
So it is up to you .

Thank you so much. Your help is most valuable.
The photo shows a tray scan done with the mini according to your helpful settings:
Screenshot 2023-01-13 052516

The amount of accuracy and detailing is awesome!

Dr. Avri


Another photo as seen in Meshlab app:


Looking very good @Avri, lots of details !
Great work !

If anything let me know

This is how it looks after a little bit of editing in B4D app:


This is VERY helpful!! Thanks for sharing.


Oi amigo. vc está conseguindo usar o Scaner mini na odontologia ?
Estou pesando em comprar Scan mini para confeccionar prótese dentária, você acha possivel confeccionar protese dental sobre esses escaneamentos com o mini?
Voce pode me enviar um arquivo de um modelo escaneado como mini para eu ver?

what apps do you use to reverse scan a impression?

Is this still valid for the latest version of revoscan?

What is valid @cobra ? Can you pls quote my comments you refer to ?

The latest version of Revo Scan ( PC Mac ) was improved … pls download it v5.2.3 for best results .

I refer this. Thanks

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Yes Cobra it is all valid with the new software , if you use Advanced Fuse option you will have less to clean after , if you use Standard option you will need to clean overlapped and isolated points .Remember 0.02mm accuracy is less than a human hair , you cant see it with your eyes .

If you use the dual axis turntable, what speed would you input for a full rotation?

For infrared scanners 30 sec or slower per 360 rotation .

For Mini blue light scanner 30 sec or can be slightly faster …