Whats the latest firmware for the POP2?

just wondering what the latest firmware is for the POP 2.

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This is what I see (I believe it is the latest).

POP 2 Firmware and Algorithm 220615

This is what mine is saying:


Ordered via Amazon, received it yesterday.
But that still does not confirm that it is the latest FW…!?

None of you have the latest firmware yet , as it is not available to the general public, so different users will have different firmware depends of the latest batch they purchased .
Revopoint is working on the software that can easy and safe way upgrade your firmware in the future as it improves, be patient.

@Henske01 , you have the closest number to the latest firmware available to the public , same as my new POP2 , I have 2 POP2 and the other has older firmware same as Jeff’s, what was released around March 16th 2022.
Screenshot 2022-06-22 120519

Jeff , nice serial number :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

It is pretty, isn’t it?

The thing is… hhmmm… there’s a thing with everyone knowing my hardware’s serial number?

For the life of me, I can’t figure out what that might be. :wink:

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Hello, may I know why you wondering to know the latest firmware version, or did you meet any problems?