Undo doesn't remove frames from buffer

Didn’t test it on PC, but on Android, where I get an average of 1400 frames per scan max, when I scan, pause and scan again, sometimes Pop scans for some time, I’m waiting for it to realign the new scanned data with old but it just doesn’t happen - the new scan cloud is still red. Fine, I can pause again, click Undo and the entire red cloud is removed. I can now try again - except for one thing. Clicking undo removed the red scanned point cloud, but it did not remove the frames from the buffer.

  • I performed the first scan for 400 frames
  • I paused, rearranged the setup, started scanning again
  • scanned for another 200 frames, couldn’t align, red point cloud, paused scanning
  • the frame counter is now at 600 frames
  • I click undo, red point cloud disappears, but I’m still at 600 frames
    This is not a UI mistake - the scan still ends (out of memory) at around 1400 frames.
    So you can basically run out of memory on a scan that uses 300-400 frames just because the rest 1000 frames were unsuccessful attempts that you just undid.