Unboxing and Showcase by TBastian

Received my Range Last Week been practicing with it… here is the unboxing…

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My mobile setup

My phone is a Pixel XL, I only use it for scanning. It has 4GB memory and limits me to 801 frames. Also a 20000mah battery to power it and the scanner… I hot spot the phone and have the scanner in client mode… Purchased the short cables and battery from ebay…


Wood Rattle snake 540mm wide…


Hi @Tbastian looking forward to see your scans , please post all your showcase under in this personal thread only .
It would be easier to locate your scanning work .

Scanning at nite because the Arizona sun bleached the scanner out and it can’t see anything… For size I am 6 foot tall.

The front was dark since I didn’t use my LED lights… I will next time.



I just realized that was a fossils , it took me a moment .
BTW the infrared Radiation in Arizona is much greater , so it may mess up the scanner , however you should be able to scan on a cloudy day and always use the Auto gain settings while scanning reducing the red square area only to the scanned surface of the object .

On the android software there isn’t an auto selection for the infrared when my Range is connected… There is auto on the color camera but not the infrared…

The Android version is not yet fully optimized to use with Range , so there are not automatic settings yet .Right now only Revo Scan 4.3.1 Win/Mac have better functions with Range . Revo Scan 5 will be optimal but still in production .

Now that explain why you had issues , however Range can’t scan objects in sun light , cloudy day , dusk or dawn only .
If you have laptop you can try out .

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are you using your computer to mesh or the phone app? if on the phone send over the PY to your computer and use revoscan to fuse/mesh and you’ll get even more details GREAT first scans though!

I scan with my phone and process with my PC using default settings… I’m also using the Android app wich hasen’t been optimized for the Range yet.

You can’t fuse things scanned using Phones or mobile devices on other devices that they were used , this mean lost of quality , you can only mesh it after on computer but that don;t give you the whole potential , for that you need a full project , and you don;t have that on Android or mobile devices .

My scan use 50GB for meshing … it is impossible to do that on any phone .

A new scan with the Range … Steel welded horses.

I did not close the holes in my mesh… I’m gonna do a couple more scans to fill the missing detail…