Jermaul Pop 3 Showcase

Global site: Revopoint Pop3

US site: Revopoint Pop3

First the unboxing.

Nice simplistic box design that i always like.

Once the top is lifted you are welcome by very nicely padded box and all the standard goodies.

Pulling the scanner out :astonished: OMG we have gotten with the times and there is a standard USB type C port. YESSSSSS

Not to mention a different rear layout.

In the center we have touch buttons. +/- and Play. The +/- buttons allow you to change the exposure remotely without having to do it in app.

This is a great add on.

Coming around to the front.

We have alot more going on here then before.

There extra LEDs above each sensor. This greatly helps out each sensor.

There ones about the IR sensor help with exposure.

The ones above the RGB camera are white led for color scanning.

And it does make a different. No more mounting soft boxes to the scanner.

And these are toggle-able in software.

And it still uses Revopoint quick connect tripod setup. So all your old setups will still work just fine.

On to some scanning.

Lets try out the new color scanning. Grabbed this little guy

Very nice colors. No shadows.

And the mesh is great also

I normally don’t do color scanning. But these are great to input into a video game or website.

A few photos of lighting it in 3d Viewer

Same file just different lighting settings.

Looks great to me.
Dino Scan

Here is another color scan. It looks great.

And without textures. Look at this model. This is wonderful.

Owl Scan

Very clean mesh model and the textures are on point.

Now on to something more like what i scan.

A turbo compressor housing.

The surface is ruff aluminum i used spray to capture the best mesh. Might have went a tad to heavy on the spray.

Also used marker mode.

The tracking stuck like glue. Very smooth and held great

Hole filled was use, because come on no scanner could get into that spacing. You can see in the photo it looks like two piece but it is one.

Did do a great job getting inside the main opening.

Great model. Can easily use this to mock up piping or check for clearance with a scan of the motor.

The Pop 3 is a great scanner well worth buying.

If you like what you see use the links below to get yours

Global site: Revopoint Pop3

US site: Revopoint Pop3


From what I’ve seen from both intro and scans, Revopoint have finally utilized IMU to solve that eternal tracking drift issue. Hope it works well. Interesting, what will be with depth cameras’ resoluton. Both Range and Mini have 640x400 (512000 depth buffer files size) with maximum quality used.

Alas, no Kickstarter this time - too greedy to buy for a full price :grinning:

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Remember, you still need features to prevent scan from drifting, it can’t works proper without it , IMU helps to proper align the frames while handheld scanning.

POP 3 is not a new invention but upgrade , it don’t qualify as a new Kickstarter project .


Just adding to the turbo compressor i scanned. Posted to facebook but posting here inside some dont check facebook.

This is the full turbo minus the intake blade.

All scanned with the pop 3 in marker mode.
Did multiple scans of each part and merged them together for a complete scan of each part.
Then did an overall scan of the whole thing for alignment.

A few shots from scanning


Hi Jermaul,

Your scan is always so good. Thank you for sharing!


Good job! Came out pretty good! Very similar to my methods.
Tip for you: when there are critical bolt hole positions you need, like at the flange area for the downpipe, just put some bolts in the holes, preferably partially threaded ones that have a clean, non-threaded section and scan the part like that! That way you will be able to easily extract the center of the bolt holes by fitting cylinders to the shank of the bolts or generate section contour lines through the bolts.


Yea that is a good tip.
But these holes are not to deep and captured just fine.
Very easy to do a section v and view pull the dimensions.