Tutorial "animation of 3d scans"

in this tutorial you will learn the basic workflow of rigging a 3d scan for a motion animation in Blender, note that you need to create a lowpoly version first, check my other tutorials for that. Tutorial on YouTube


thanks for the tutorial.
Can you simply write how to create a lowpoly version ?

Also, is it possible to add a ready human rig to a scanned human mesh ?

@ilkeraktuna here’s the link for the lowpoly tutorial : Low Poly Tutorial a write up would be quite complicated and including lot’s of steps as i use a special software which also can do retopology (what will be perfect for body rigging). Yes a scanned body can be rigged, install the blender addon rigify to have a prepared body rig you only need to scale and place. but to achieve good results it would be necessary to work on the mesh topology to have more polys in regions that shall bend and strech whilst on regions that shouldn’t deform very little amounts

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I am really lower than beginner in Blender.
Can you write the steps for rigify ?
Such as:

  1. import the body mesh in format …
  2. Use rigify addon ? (how do you use anaddon ?)
  3. scale and place body mesh
  4. export in format …

tutorial on youtube

the process is far to complicated to explain in words. search for further tutorials at youtube

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Wow, thank you so much for this tutorial and sharing! It was really amazing and very informative!

Thank you, feel free to ask if some further questions arose.