[Tutorial] Android Smartphone Connects POP 2 Via Wi-Fi

  1. Download the Software - Revo Scan at Revopoint official website:
    POP 2 - Revopoint 3D Technologies Inc.

  2. Connect to the Wi-Fi Provided by the POP 2;

The default SSID is : POP2-REVO-XXXXXXXX

The default Password is: Revopoint3d

For example:
If the Serial Number of one POP 2 3D scanner is: A21A0005206F00A54. The Default SSID and Password are:
Password: Revopoint3d

  1. Open Revo Scan and confirm Settings ;

Before scanning, select proper Accuracy , Scan Mode, Texture and Model Format according to your demand.

  1. Back to Home and authorize the camera;

  2. Adjust the brightness in RGB and depth camera;

  3. Click “Start” to scan;

  4. After completing scanning, perform Point cloud fusing and Meshing;

  5. Check the 3D mode scanned in Project ;

  6. Export the 3D model to another device:

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Samsung Galaxy Fold 3 - this doesn’t work. Details provided in other threads but no solution provided.

Hi @exr90 ,

We will see your problem when we have the online meeting.

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