Need tips for reverse engineer a scanned Handle in Fusion

have scanned a Handle from a trolley, and now i want to model it and print it in Fusion.
i read a few tutorials here, now i make a quad mesh, but it is not working in Fusion.
How can i make thís?
Any ideas?

Thank you so much

a quad mesh is no reverse engeneering but remeshing. this item per default would be easwy to remodel using a parametric modeller like fusion and using the mesh or pointcloud as reference for the object. I made a short tutorial on freecad to remodel items scanned with the miraco

I will tag some of our gurus here , if they time to give you a hand with some tutorial links

@Xile6 @Seb @Rilot

You dont modify the mesh and the fusion.
You use ot as a blue print.

You would habe to do mesh sketch and recreate the item.

Only fusion video i have on it.
Talks about aligning the scan yo XYZ in fusion and how to start a mes sketch.


thank you so much! i will try later this day

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great video! Thanks. can you show me how to make a solid from this scanned part? do you extrude more solids from sketches and subtract them?

Thank you

You don’t edit or modify the mesh in Fusion in any way. You use it purely as a reference to do section sketches.

There is a quick and dirty way to get an editable solid though in Fusion.
Follow my guide in this post:

You use a program call Instand Meshes to create a quadmesh, this you can then convert in to a solid in Fusion that is nicer than a faceted solid you get from a normal input.


thank you, yes i make this quad mesh tutorial, but in my case there was an error, i think because the mesh was not good.

…section sketches, how to do that?
or is it better to work with the violett surface tools on a mesh?


If you look at that topic I linked, you will see there is a previous post where I detail how to do section sketches.

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That is correct.
The scan is just the blue print. You dont modify it at all.

You would great sketches based on it.
Then extrude solid bodies or extrude cuts.

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ok thank you. do you have a link for a good tutorial to this theme?

I personally find this one really useful:

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If you can send me the link to the file, I can see about helping you.

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Thank you so much! But - i do not need a ready file, i want to know how to do :).

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Yes, I can imagine that, but it would be easier to show you directly on the piece in question rather than giving you general instructions or referring you to some YouTube videos. Personally, I prefer to perform the reverse engineering directly from the mesh, but that’s just my habit and it doesn’t necessarily mean it’s the best or most convenient method.

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@G-druckt take the tip from Daniele … you want regret!

@Ispanico97 is one of our Beta tester guru !

ok i understand a bit. i choose fuison because of the ability of modifications. Working with mesh on fusion… my machine is not that extremely powered to handle that fluffy :slight_smile:

hey soweit ich das verstehe möchtest du den griff als parametrisches modell drucken oder? bei fusion kann ich dir leider nicht helfen aber freecad wäre eine alternative. schick mir doch ne nachricht dann können wir sehen wie ich dir helfen kann. hier noch eine kleines tutorial über freecad und revoscan

thank you for your advice! is it right that only obj can be transormed to a quad mesh?