Texture file with holes

I’ve encountered this now in a couple of the scans of my horse bones. All looks good in the Mesh, but when I apply the texture holes appear.

Any work around? or do I just scan again? POP3 Revoscan

Bone Lady aka Pamela

ADDENDUM: Since I posted this, 4 out of the 5 scans I ran today had the same issue with holes appearing once the texture was added. :frowning:

Hi @BoneLady ,

Sorry for this issue.

Could you send us the project file for us to analyze? You can send it by Wetransfer or Google Drive to forum@revopoint3d.com.

Best Regards

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Hi Pamela

the textures not always perform 100% , if there is not enough data it can merge the color frames wrong and create shadow , this is texture Mapping issue , try to perform texture Mapping after you simplify your mesh and see if you get better results , texture Mapping perform always better on a smaller scans

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Hello Catharina,
This is what I already do. Texture is the last step after I simplify the mesh.

Is the speed of the turntable a factor? Faster better? I try to keep the frame # close to 350 per rotation, but due to the size & complexity of the bones (nooks & crannies) I have to turn the bone on at least 3 sides to capture every space, thus the final frame # falls between 2400 - 3000 depending on the bone.

The size of the Mesh can be as high as 8 M polygons. I then simplify down to ~550K - 650K before adding the texture. This poly count may be too high, but I want to keep as much detail as possible, my MacBook Pro is top of the line and can handle the processing, and the resulting exported file sizes are manageable.

Thank you as always,
aka Bone Lady

Hello Cassie,

Sorry, I already deleted the problematic project files. But I have 50+ bones to scan so I’ll send the next one that gives me trouble. Probably a silly question, but where is the project file stored on my laptop? Or do I export and send you the txt and mtl files?

Thank you!
aka Bone Lady

Hi Pamela , no more if an Angle of capture , if the texture created a shadow , it’s means there was not enough pictures from that angle to cover the area , each angle needs at least 20% .

It is unfortunate sometimes , in situations like that I just edit manually the textures in Zbrush using projection mode and cloning out the bad areas or use a patch .

Or convert RGB data to textures in Zbrush as well .

This is a good size Pamela , it is not always you wring doing … sometimes it just don’t works .
Keep the turntable on max speed , and do the way you are doing as that is just perfect .
Make sure you capture the proper angles and I know you did well , since your RGB is perfect . But there was just a glitch .

You can try again , and start scanning from the angle that gives your issue with texturing .
You are scanning a very complex object here in and out , so sometimes you just need to take a second take , it will just give you an extra practice … not that you need as I really love your scanning results what are not as easy to archive especially if you scanning this type of an object in one run …

Just an update. Trying not to get too frustrated with the bad texture files. :frowning:

I’m getting my workflow down nicely and am getting lovely meshes of the bones. A couple of the bones took only 2 scans to get a usable texture file. I can deal with this when its just the colors that are funky, by editing the .txt file in Adobe Lightroom. What I can’t do (because i don’t have the technical skills yet) is fix the holes.

I scanned this bone 3 times and each time the txt file had too many holes, some large. You can probably understand my frustration when you see how nice the Mesh is!

I’m still happy with using the Revo POP3 for this project, but hope those in charge of improving the software can work on improving the textures soon.

Bone Lady
aka Pamela

Hi Pamela , the project folder can be access direct from the Homepage , all your projects are under that directory .

Please zip the whole project that creates the artifacts after texturing and provide link to download to Cassie

Hi Cassie,
I just sent a project via We Transfer with a bad texture file.

Thanks for looking into this!

Bone Lady

Hi Pamela ,
please install back Revo Scan version 5.2.0 , the latest version have bug so you may get not as good results , the RS 5.2.0 provide the optimal merging and may help you out with your texture issues , please try to work with that until the current bug is fixed and new version is available .

I will do that, but please tell me where to find it. All that is available to download from the website is vers 5.2.1.

I just noticed the new version is 5.2.2.

I did not save the older version on my laptop.
Thank you!

Hi Pamela , download Revo Scan 5.2.0 until the new version is fixed , please ignore for now the software updates if prompt .

Thanks, but alas… I need the Mac version :roll_eyes:

I will have it late tonight when the office open. Sorry forgot you work on MAC

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Sorry to bug you, did you get a chance to find the Mac vers 5.0?


Sorry Pamela , Cassie is on a business trip at this moment , I did not got hold on her yesterday . I did not forgot … I will provide it ASAP