Template Pattern


I need to know, how or can i, make a pattern of my scans in vector (Illustrator AI). I explain my plan, i need to create some pattern of cars, trucks or motorcycle to design it after with Photoshop or Illustrator but with the exactly size to sell my creation, ready to use, ready to use by printer (for example).

Really thanks to ur advise …

I’ve read your post several times, but I am still hazy on exactly what you want to do.

It seems that you want to scan part of a vehicle in 3D, import that scan into Illustrator AI, then use it as a scaffold or reference while you create a product that is closely-fitted to the scanned object.

I don’t have Illustrator AI, but what I know of it indicates that it is not suitable for this goal. You would be better off using a CAD software package. AutoCAD’s Fusion 360 has a free trial period (if I recall correctly) and can be rented on a monthly or annual basis thereafter. There are free CAD software packages that you can find reviewed on YouTube and elsewhere to see if they fit your needs.


thanks for your reply. Yeah but my asking mind is, it’s possible to scan with Pop2 and create template vector with AutoCAD or other software ?.. I understand, and thanks for your reply, to explain me that the soft isn’t able to do that, but it’s possible ?

(Importing 3D models from other sources > Finding and Using 3D Models | Adobe Press)

Is that what you looking for ? 3D model I to Illustrator to vector?

maybe you type in your native language please, it will be easy to find out what you need exactly :wink:

The scanner’s software itself produces 3D models that you can export and then, for example, render in 3D software and then use bitmap to trace vectors via tracing software to get AI files. That’s if I undertood correctly, what are you talking about. If not, maybe you should post an example of what do you want to get.

Yes, I frequently use STL source files as a reference to create ACIS Solid objects (I have more tools to manipulate the latter).

Really thanks for all your reply. I think i understood your advise. Anyone tried to do it ?

this is an example (Case iPhone vector (for cutting or print) and EPS (for design it))


yes it is possible but it wont happen with revo software.

You are about to 3d scan items and get a 3d file.
From there you will need a 3rd party program to create a 2d surface of it.

Fusion 360 will work. They have a sheet metal and unwrap tools.

I Think this is what you need