Stickers from scan

Someone know how to create a sticker of the shapes of a part ?
Like car wrapping but with pre-cut sticker ?
Looked some UV unwraping but not clear enought to create sticker/decals from a scan.

After remodeling the scan (reverse engineering) in 3d you could try if this works for you.


You need to make your own new UV after you reverse engineering the 3D scan so you can unwrap the model , right now the texture mapping creates too many UVs islands to do so.

nice, and same with something more like a cylindre ?

Ho god the amount of work will be crazy !! I’m looking to cover my bike frame, lot of curved and cylindrical shapes !

I don’t think that would be the proper way of doing the stickers , too much work , there is much easier way , YT is full of great ideas , don’t make it difficult for yourself .

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Maybe give this a go? Not sure if plug-in still available and everything for free, though.

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Have a look to Pekakura Designer. It is not design for decals (more for generating paper models from 3d objects) but it might do the trick.

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Nice I’ll take a look, it’s really close to what I need :-). mesh to flat shapes

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Someone know how to scan with really low resolution ?
I use the “mini” scanner and even the low resolution scan is really dense.
I reduce the scan resolution with blender actually but a bit long job.
(I know the mini is not the good one for bike scan :sweat_smile: someone whant to exchange my “mini” with another one :wink:)

I’m afraid the Mini is the most unsuitable scanner for that…

Don’t know how your bike is, but… have you consider the possibility to recreate it yourself in 3D?. As this is just for the decals, you don’t need to put attention to the fine detail (wiring, pedals, gears…)

I recently came across Solid Edge Community edition. It is a full package, lot’s of options (including simulation tools, reverse engineering, etc etc… ) Of course Fusion 360 is also perfectly capable of that.

You have low resolution scan option in Revo Scan , then you can fuse it at 0.1mm or 0.2mm for even lower resolution or go for auto settings , you can Simplify the mesh in Revo Studio to any resolution you want .
Mesh it at 6 , and then simplify it in Revo Studio , put in around 250K and hit simplify button .

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