Start Timer for Miraco / RevoScan

I just wanted to scan myself, but unfortunately, it didn’t work because the Miraco doesn’t have a start timer. Such a timer would also be good for regular scans. I also think that the programming effort involved is not too high.


Yes starter timer would be very good idea ., it still allows you to scan just part of your body not a full body …

I would love the timer for single shot to reduce shaking …

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I just wanted to scan my stomach for before/after comparisons when dieting :grin:

No weight scale can do that :joy:
Another good reason !

I have had the same problem and it is a good request for Revopint. I solved it with a black piece of cardboard in front of the scanner, you get on the platform and drop it…rudimentary but it works. Health

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Get yourself a Bluetooth light switch to push the button :joy: