Documentation and Calibration guide

hello! the miraco is my first journey into scanning, and enjoying it! now that I’m going beyond the basic scans, I’m hoping to get more information:

  • Detailed documentation: maybe it was just my package, but there seems to be no manual I could find in the box nor online other than a quick start guide. Is there a detailed technical documentation on all the settings? What every single option means etc?

  • I got a bunch of calibration cards with no guide on when/how to use them.

Would someone please direct me to guides for this? thank you so much !

cc @Revopoint-Jane @Revopoint

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Have you gone through these in the tutorials section

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Hi @ron.d

The documentation is under Support/Miraco on website

Here is a link :

For tutorials : Tutorials - Revopoint 3D

For calibration you have instruction guide when you start calibration , but please do me a favor and skip this … that is the last thing you want to do … MIRACO is calibrated before they are shipped, and only need to recalibrated in situation where the results are not good … ( that do not include tracking issues )
For tracking issues please refer to calibration of IMU in your Miraco settings , the instruction will be available while calibration if the IMU .

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Thank you @Gary and @PUTV

I did see this pdf (it was the first one I went through) , but I’m missing a bit of technical information like around fusing and meshing for example - I’ll scrub through the forums, and if it is not there, I’ll ask the specific questions.

I wondered if I missed the detailed manual from the package - typically separate from the quick guide. (my Canon dlsr came with a gazillion booklets :joy:)

thank you also for the tip on calibration - I had wondered if switching between far/near would require this

If anything @ron.d just ask .

I just asked for them to elaborate on these settings in their livestream - check the pinned post and add your request too :slight_smile: