Stabiliser shipping

I had an email about the stabiliser being shipped at the end of September. The latest tracking says it took about 11 days to leave China, that’s crazy what happened? Are they still playing with covid? When will they start using some vaccines that actually work and join the rest of the world in opening up. I’m ok about the delay but from a business point of view China will end up shedding manufacturing to other countries.

Hi @Cypher , the area must be on lock down and carrier was probably unable to pick it up sooner.

@Cypher it is again the forum TOS to speak about that in the forum , I just got warning …so let’s not continue this subjects and politics about other countries , it is out of topic anyway

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Checked today and no update on it since 18th of October. Was it sent via ship? Seems odd it should take what is looking like more than a month.

Same here I am still waiting …

But you said yours left China on October 15th
So the carrier picked it up then ? What carrier you got ? Or it goes via the water?
What could explains the delay .

Did Customer Support said anything ?

I finally got a tracking number that works as of this morning. It is coming via snail mail with delivery to be somewhere between Oct 25 and Nov 1.

It is clearing customs on the opposite side of the country, so will possibly here by the 28th. If so then about 3.5 weeks to get here.

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Mine seems to be suggesting it’s going to be delivered by Yodel, so might come as a kit of parts lol.

The email tracking link goes to a French courier that doesn’t find it. So I used one of the universal tracking sites.

I haven’t asked customer services yet.

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Hmm it’s changed today to say moved to partner site. Good news hopefully.

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At least it is moving !

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Latest update has moved mine to arriving on the 31st.

Hopefully the associated docs will show up soon too.

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Hi, my handled stabilizer arrived successfully today, i hope that your delivery is coming soon, too.


Mine will most likely spend a week or two in the Brexit black hole.

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well well seems to have avoided the tax police so far, which is odd as normally they jump on anything from abroad.

anyway it arrived today and havent had a play yet just charging it.

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The reason you were waiting that long … this is only the way to avoid tax . But take longer

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would have been nice to have that option on the scanner after the rather large Tax bill that Fedex sent me.

Mine has arrived today, will check it out tonight after work.

Meanwhile I put it on the charger. There are four power LEDs, but mine has only got three that light up. Will check back later to see if it changes.

It started with the two right hand ones on solid and second from left blinking.

There is 3 charge leds and the last one is for Bluetooth I think.

Had a closer look, I think you are correct on this.

I should have used my reading glasses to look at it the first time!