Specification in Revopoint POP 2

Hi Team

I’m need information about the projector and IR used in POP 2 to make a report about the safety of practical use.
Can you share the information?

it’s helpful if you help me, thanks.

It is Class 1 Infrared Laser and as with any Class 1 laser there are no safety concern and the wave length do not have any impact on eye sight.
There are no warning safety sheets for this kind of laser.
The beam is also not focus into point what make it as much dengerous as TV remote.

So if you want to compare , walking outdoor on a cloudy day will impact you more :wink:

Infrared light is very reflective from most all surfaces that why it is very suitable for 3D optical scanners .

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Much more. Clouds do not block ultraviolet light as much as visible light and it is the UV light that causes cataracts. So when it is not as bright, the eye opens the iris more, allowing relatively more UV light than does full sunlight.

I don’t go outside during daylight without sunglasses rated for UV A and UV B (and polarized is even better).


thank you for sharing.

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So true Jeff so true, me neither.
Solar panels still charging on a cloudy day .

You welcome ! It is good to be aware and knowing what you dealing with .

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