MIRACO 3D Scanner: Brillant Face and Full-body Color Scan

Travis has gone a little tropical in this fanatically detailed, brilliant color scan made with the Revopoint MIRACO.

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hello, is it safe to scan with eyes open? most of the samples I’ve seen have them closed in near mode especially @Revopoint-Jane

It is still an IR Light and completely eye safe technology. yet, I was also wondering why he has his eyes shut. It ISN’T to protect his eyes, that’s for sure.

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Hi @ron.d

Since MIRACO uses infrared structured light, this is completely harmless.

Travis’ eyes are closed in the video because he can’t stop blinking, and we keep his eyes closed in order to achieve the most perfect video effect.


Some people like for example my husband can’t handle the blinking light of the LEDs and many others can’t too . Plus the blinking LED make my husband blinking as well and he get dizzy while rotating when his eyes are open, me too btw …

I prefer to scan people with closed eyes , as it is much easier for me to work later with modeling for animation based on the scan .

The infrared laser is less harmful than you walking outdoors on a sunny day without sun glasses .