Some prints of my POP II scan of a rat skull

I don’t know about you, buy I try to get as much mileage out of my POP scans as I can.

I did this POP II scan of a rat skull a friend found in his desert yard, but my skills at cleaning, merging and remeshing are basically non-existent at the moment. A very skilled friend, Sebastien Seb, cleaned, merged and remeshed the little skull scans for me: these are some of the prints from the finished stl. The largest was done in white PLA on my Prusa i3MK3S+ at .1mm layer height; about 86 hours to print. All the others were done on my Photon Mono at various layer heights and different scales.


In a few years, bury these in your yard. They’ll give a future archaeologist a (short-lived) thrill.


“Unfortnately” PLA is biodigradeable, so after a few years in the ground there’s nothing left.

Not so fast!

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