[Solved] New windows app new bug but better scan

Hi again,

I just installed the new W10 version of the app, it’s works really better in term of scan speed and object folowing, and the Face mode are come back, thanks

But I detected a new strange bug:
WHen you scan an object and go out of the windows and after come back, the scanner see a not existing shadow of the object (no matter what object It make them always if you go out of the scanning square) and the problem is that the software see that as the object and add ghost point in the scan :frowning:
I tried to record that, see the large black vertical line in the IR sensor screen and the ghost points in the blue scan object

Youtube video of this bug

A second video of the same strange thing and a screenshot of the final scan (while fusioning because after that they disapear !?)

I don’t made the video public, just visible with the direct link because I’ms sure you will fix this fast :slight_smile:

Original (and dirty lol) blask licence plate holder :

Screenshot While processing :

Screenshot when processing finished :

This bug don’t exist in the first version of the app
This is a Black object !
I don’t scanned the bottom because I don’t need them.

Here are the 3D view :

Visit Model by Zoltan3D hosted with ❤️️ by Creators3D