[Solved] Android beta bug


Testing the beta for Android which works on a samsung s8 however slow so results are port with lots of tracking issues.

Tested now on Samsung s21 Ultra and the app fails to load the POP or crash the app immediately after allowing it to access the xydevice.

Cannot use currently due to not having a phone it supports.

Hi, Could you please try with our newest APK? Here is the download link: https://revopoint3d.com/wp-content/uploads/download/HandyScan1.3.6_20210417_release.zip
And also the below users’ manual for you reference:


Where can we get mobile box?

Hi @cmurrayis , it is not available now. You can check this kit as a reference: [Pre-sale]Super Mobile Kit For POP – Revopoint 3D Technologies Inc.

Do you have idea on how much just the mobile box will be?

As a early backer my expectation was for it to work with Android and no mention of device limitations.

150Aud additional to be able use use the device I waited many months for is not nice.

Hi, sorry, at present, I have no idea for the price of mobile box. But it will added to our Amazon shop and the cost won’t too much. Besides, we will specially apply a discount for the early backers like you.

I can understand your feeling. Since the limitation is caused by phone, it is a pity, but really out of our control. We suggest that you can use the Net mode, it is more convenient.

Sorry the NET method is too slow and loses tracking almost instantly when moving very very slow.