Shipping delays?

I am wondering if anyone else in the United States is having the same problem getting their Miraco package. Or, hopefully, that the real problem is the lack up updates, not an actual delay.

I pledged for the Kickstarter, but I requested that my Miraco not be shipped until the 23rd because I was going to be gone for Christmas until the 27th.

It was not shipped on the 23rd. For reasons I do not understand, it was not shipped on the 27th, either.

I waited patiently and, finally, I got a notification that shipment information has been received. That was on the 29th.

It is now 4 days later (January 2nd) and the shipping status has not changed. Is this what others have seen while waiting for their package? Did it arrive without shipping updates?

Thanks in advance for any clarity.

The label was created on Dec 29, but DHL did not pickup yet the package , because of the New Year holidays and they do not works in the weekend or on holidays .

The shipping starts once the DHL picking up the package and the delivery is 3 business days after .
I suspect they going to pick it tomorrow as the New Year holidays just ended today ( Jan.2)

Note: it is not good idea to post your tracking number online before receiving your package , it could be easy redirected to someone else or obtain your personal information.

DHL’s website says otherwise for Asia and I know that Revopoint works Fridays & Saturdays, except holidays (and the 29th & 30th were not holidays).

But my actual question was this: are the shipping status updates timely for all stages or are they only provided on the day of delivery?

29th was Friday when the label was created, and 30th was on Saturday and Revopoint office or warehouse are closed on Saturdays , and pickups of shipments are not made on Saturdays and never was .

And for your question, the shipment updates are not made timely on all stages by DHL .

Info received

Your package is waiting to be picked up by the carrier.


2023-12-29 11:07

SHENZHEN - CHINA MAINLAND, Shipment information received

  • They havnt picked up the shipments as of yet for mine either.
    That might change tomorrow or if they are contacted to find out if they did already pick em up and need to update the status.

This is a moot point, now, because it is Jan. 4 in China and my shipping status is still not updated, even after 2 full days following the Monday holiday.

So… thanks for the info that DHL is not timely on all stages. Ambiguity is fun.

The same for me. Mildly aggravating.

I am unsure if DHL didnt update the shipping tracking info, or if the scanners are not yet either picked up by DHL or dropped off yet at a DHL shipping desk.
I just tried phoning DHL canada, they seem to have no record of my tracking number in their system, even though it’s their own DHL based tracking number.
They use an A.I. and wasnt able to speak with customer service as in ideally a real person, so it hung up on me after thanking me for my contacting DHL.

Did Revopoint send em yet?
The tracking number says shipment information received, but that does not imply taking posession of the parcels.
Anyone in shipping at Revopoint on this?

I prepaid for the shipping and import tax tariff for the 32gb Miraco within the kickstarter link.
According to the recorded message on the DHL site, DHL expects all shipments to be prepaid this way as a policy of their since the pandemic.
If anyone hasnt prepaid for their shipping and import tax tariff, that seems to be a problem with DHL’s shipping policy as they seem to want to abide by a curbside or leave it at your door type of delivery arrangement not involving interaction between customers and DHL employees.
Keep that in mind if any shipping delays for your Miraco that might affect you unless Revopoint uses more than only DHL as a shipping choice for such covid shipping policy conformity.

This is the first time I have had to pay an import tax tariff for a delivery in the United States (and I bought three 3D scanners earlier in 2023, with one of them the Range on Kickstarter). I briefly considered handling it myself, with the thought that I was being bamboozled by the PledgeManager package handling service, but decided that the amount of money was trivial and ended up paying the extra $15 to avoid the aggravation and possible delay (oops).

You do not need to pay import Tax in US for personal purchases unless the value of your shipment exceeds $800 , this threshold applies per package even if there are multiple items in one box. You may expect additional state taxes that depend on where your goods are coming from or heading to, as each state has different rates ranging from 0 to 2 % at max for personal and none commercial purchases.

It took 10 days, but DHL finally picked up a package from Revopoint.

Including the 16 hour backwards time zone jump, it took 2 days for DHL to get it through/past Hong Kong, Customs & the Pacific Ocean to my doorstep.

DHL did not ask for a signature, however, so I am happy I requested a shipping hold until I got back from Christmas vacation.