SDK to access the current frame and the current point cloud

Is there any progress about an SDK allowing to retrieve some information from the device in real time?

I have objects with special markers. I can detect the markers in real time. The markers are some kind of millimeter grids.
I want to scan these objects. I need to have an 3d object with a texture containing these markers. If I am using the final texture made by the scanner, the quality is not enough accurate and I have several pieces which break my algorithm.
If I can access to the current frame video, I will not be dependent on the final quality of the texture or to the unfolding algorithm.

I would need to access additional information:

  1. The current image frame to detect some data with my own algorithm in real time.

I have an algorithm that detect my special markers on my objects. I can find the matches between frames.
With this algorithm, I am able to compute the rotation, translation between two frames that can be used to feed the registration algorithm.
It also allows me to remesh the model

  1. The current point cloud generated by the device for each frame
  2. For each registered point cloud, the transformation matrix associated to it
  3. The final 3D mesh