Scheherazade and The Buddha

Here are Scheherazade and Buddha with some of their scanned and 3d printed progeny. Scheherazade is a perfect scan IMHO but I lost some detail with The Buddha. I used “disappearing” pro scanner spray (you can see some of it is yet to dissolve) and used PopUptheVolumes’s tips and tricks the best I could but am still losing some of the engraved features like the name. I’d love to try the mini on it!
-please excuse my messy workroom


Looks very nice , I think with MINI you will get the finest details that you are missing with POP2 due to lower resolution .

Everything I tried so far with MINI was 1:1 copy of the original. I am more than sure you will love it , the tracking on this size of sculptures is so much superior to POP2 since all the fine details the sensors picking up thanks to the blue light works as visual trackers.

Keep up the good work :+1:

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It might not be fair to the Pop2 to only use my prints to compare. Here’s the actual model of Buddha. It’s not horrible.
Also, Can anyone tell me a good translation for the words? I think I know ‘big’, ‘Buddha’, and something about the sky?
Thank you all in advance.

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It is actually fine , the shader that Revo Studio is using smoothing out visually the details , it would looks much more detailed in other softwares with different shader on top.

I think the words referring to BIG SKY MIND a state without center or fringe in which there is no watcher or perceiver, no division between subject and object, in this view all phenomena are acknowledged as temporary.


Thank you so much for your translation! It’s funny the coincidence in that getting rid of the ‘fringe’ is why the model is softened as much as it is, as you so correctly surmised… I also tried postprocessing with cloudcompare using your wonderful tutorial. Without the noise correction there were too many ‘bumps’. I got similar results from both softwares. I’m not certain which I used for the printing. I did a side by comparison a few nights ago and really couldn’t tell the difference, except it seemed that the CC model had more errors that I needed to correct in meshmixer. I expect that it’s my lack of experience showing here. I also have to say that RevoStudio is certainly easier.

While scanning, I never captured more than 320 or so frames per cloud. As small as the model was, there was quite a bit of overlap during alignment - is that why I had the extra noise?

Lol, if there were no watcher of the models I wouldn’t worry about any of this it but I suspect that the quote is more of a personal state
Thanks again. I’ve been in the digital video arts for quite a long time but am totally new to scanning. You’ve helped make it quite fun and productive.


This type of model can get easy to overlap because before you scan the total lower part the middle and top will be already overlapped many times .
Think about 3D scanning like making a mold for your figures , how more mold parts it needs , how more scan sides need to be scanned .
Sometimes it helps to remove just the lose points before doing the overlapped points in Revo Studio, each model needs different approach , and how fuzier the point cloud after scanning how more cleaning it will cost later .

After you did the cleaning job, you can try the sharpening function in Revo Studio , it may help you to get sharper details edges after smoothing .
and you need to print it at least at 0.1mm with the speed of 40mm/s

I think with MINI you will have less issues with that , as it is great for the fine details and so much easier to work with .

And you more than welcome ! I hope to see more of your work

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I went ahead and signed up for the mini kickstarter.

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I am more than sure you will have great results with it in your work .